The listed prices are for personal commission work only!
If you are seeking art for commercial use (for profit including advertising, promotion, publications, t-shirts, etc.), you have to disclose this information within your inquiry!
Prices can change at any time!
Starting Rates for a Single Character*
Bust Illustrations 
• Flat Colors-$30.00
• Cell Shading -$40.00
• Full Painting-$60.00
*Additional characters are +$15.00 each​​​​​​​
Waist-Up Illustrations
• Flat Colors-$40.00
• Cell Shading -$50.00
• Full Painting-$70.00
*Additional characters are +$20.00 each
Full Body Illustrations
• Flat Colors-$50.00
• Cell Shading -$60.00
• Full Painting-$80.00
*Additional characters are +$30.00 each
Prices can vary depending on complexity (detailed background, complicated armor and clothing, weapons or props, added text, composition, etc.)
Prices can also change depending on last minute requests.